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DCIS Sunday Night Bingo
May 9, 2021 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm

Mini Bingo starts at 7:45 and regular Bingo starts at 8:00 pm.

Game at $100 and $150 dollars and full card at $400.00.

Don’t forget to Chase the Bingo Ball again this year!

Just before the regular bingo session is set to begin, a customer is chosen to verify that all balls are in play (#’s 1 to 52). The balls are then dropped and that same customer turns the blower on. The ball that comes up the tube first becomes the Jackpot Ball for this night’s game. The Jackpot ball number is registered and displayed to all Bingo Players. The Jackpot ball is then reset in the ball tray along with all of the other balls that are in play.

Double roll tickets are sold to bingo players as they come in. Only the bingo players who are playing bingo at that night’s session are able to purchase tickets for the Chase the Bingo Ball game.

Before the last full card game of the bingo, a ticket is drawn by a bingo player to determine that night’s winner of the Chase the Bingo Ball game. The person who has the winning ticket automatically wins 20% of that night’s take. The bingo caller will get the winner of that night to verify that all of the bingo balls are in the ball tray. The caller then drops the balls into the ball chamber. The person with the winning ticket then has the opportunity to turn on the blower motor of the unit being used for the Chase the Bingo Ball game.

The first ball that comes up the tube is their ball number. If it matches the Jackpot ball that was determined earlier, they win the Jackpot. If not their ball is removed from that set of balls, recorded and placed in a separate box. It will then be verified again that the Jackpot Ball for that night was in play. The game for that night’s session is over.

The same procedure is used for the following weeks until the Jackpot is won. Every week there will be a new Jackpot Ball assigned and every week there will be a ball removed from play so the odds of winning the Jackpot increase as each week goes by.

Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

Starting with a $400.00 jackpot

20% of the nightly take to the winning ticket holder.

30% of the nightly take goes to the Jackpot.

50% of the nightly take goes to the D’Escousse Civic Improvement Hall

Jackpot must go by last Sunday in November. If it has not gone we will give the 20% winnings to the first winner and continue to draw tickets and give them the opportunity to turn on the blower motor of the unit being used for the Chase the Bingo Ball game until someone get the Jackpot!

  • Players must be in attendance to participate and must play at least 1 book of bingo.

  • The winning ticket number will be called a minimum of 3 times during a 15 minute time frame.

  • If the winner does not come forward, another ticket is drawn.

  • If tickets are purchased by a third party, all prize money will be awarded to the ticket holder.

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