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DCIS Sunday Night Bingo
September 17, 2023 @ 6:45 pm – 9:30 pm
DEscousse Civic Improvement Hall
3276 NS-320
D'Escousse, NS B0E 1K0

Don’t forget to Play Jack it up starting time is 6:45 pm!

Mini Bingo starts at 7:45 and regular Bingo starts at 8:00 pm.

Game at $100 and $150 dollars and full card at $400.00.

JACK IT UP – Descousse Civic Improvement HOUSE RULES

  • Every box has 610 tickets per play
  • Price per ticket is $1.00
  • There are 25 bingo ball tickets to play the game in each box. There are also monetary prizes awarded as well.
  • The progressive jackpot starts at $100.00 and grows by $100 for each box where it is not won.
  • Once the entire box is sold, the caller will announce the start of the JACK IT UP game and serial number associated with the game on back to ensure the proper match.
  • The first person to receive all the 3 numbers will call out JACK IT UP!!!
  • Once card numbers are verified and lot serial numbers are verified we will award the winner $200 and a chance to win progressive by choosing a number of the jackpot card.
  • Once the winner chooses her number from one to ten (1-10) we will scribble on that number to ensure his/her selection and allow them to open that tab.
  • If they reveal SORRY we will inform crowd jackpot will increase by $100 and will commence selling a new box
  • If they reveal JACKPOT then the progressive jackpot will be awarded to the winner and we will commence the jackpot back at $100 for next box sales.
  • If someone misses their numbers and there happens to be 2 winners in the game instead of just one…. We will split the $100 dollar prize and no one will get to play for progressive jackpot on this round.
  • If jackpot reaches its max we will freeze the jackpot and start a second jackpot and play for both




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