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Celtic Colors Event!
October 8, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
D'Escousse Civic Improvement Hall
3276 NS-320
D'Escousse, NS B0E 1K0

Celtic Roots and Branche

The Savoy Family Cajun Band hails from Eunice, Louisiana, and they have been aptly named the “First Family of Cajun Music.” Patriarch Marc Savoy, a National Heritage Fellowship recipient, has been playing Cajun music around the world and building Cajun accordions since the early 1960s while his wife Ann Savoy has literally written the book on Cajun music and produced numerous renowned recording projects with the likes of Linda Ronstadt, T-Bone Burnett and more. Their sons Joel and Wilson are movers and shakers in their own rights, each touring extensively with their own musical projects and sharing a GRAMMY Award in 2012 for Joel’s production on his Valcour Records label of the Band Courtbouillon which features Wilson’s fiddling. Together the Savoy Family Cajun Band is known for delivering hardcore traditional Cajun music, and while they “ain’t no stuffy preservationalists,” they represent their culture with deep knowledge and love of tradition.

Andrea Beaton is an award-winning fiddler, tune composer and recording artist who tours and teaches internationally and is in great demand as a teacher at music camps and fiddling/dancing workshops. Coming from a long line of musicians, composers and dancers, the Judique native is known for her powerful bow and driving style. Andrea has released six solo albums, one duo album with her father, Kinnon Beaton, and published three books of her original tunes. She also recorded an album with her family, The Beaton Family of Mabou in 2007 for the Smithsonian Institute. Most of her solo albums were nominated for awards, including her latest, Andrea Beaton with Betty and Dave (2016), and her 2010 CD, Branches, won the East Coast Music Award for Instrumental Recording of the Year. Andrea is working on a new album with Quebecois fiddler Véronique Plasse. The two will be performing together at Celtic Colours this year.

Véronique Plasse is a tour de force of music. A leading proponent of the traditional music and songs of Québec, she performs internationally and works hard to preserve, uplift and propel the cultural family of her francophone nation. Her repertoire of traditional Québecois music is bolstered by her own original tunes, and she is recognized for her sweet and fearless improvisational style. Create, collect and transmit are the three verbs that lead her artistic career. Véronique has been working on a new album with Cape Breton fiddler Andrea Beaton and they will performing together at this year’s Festival.

Rura is a multiple award-winning act and one of Scotland’s most sought-after folk-based bands. With three critically-acclaimed albums, and extensive international touring, Rura affirm their position as one of Scotland’s leading groups. Their exquisitely rugged yet refined blend of fiddle, Highland pipes, flute, bodhran and guitar has won a devoted following in many corners of the globe, amongst audiences and critics alike. The group first ignited in 2010, as award-winners at Glasgow’s world-renowned Celtic Connections festival, where they have now appeared on a remarkable seven occasions – taking just one year off from their formative award win. Since then, Rura’s powerful, entrancing instrumentals have been a main stage highlight of many of the world’s leading folk festivals – across more than 20 countries.

Tickets available at Shamrock Store in D’Escousse 902-226-2954

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