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DCIS Supports the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline!

Any time of the year is a great time to support the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline association.
Drop off available at the D’Escousse Civic Improvement Hall.

What is Clothesline and what does it do with the proceeds?

Clothesline has been a national movement since 1985.

Every year, we ask Canadians to keep Clothesline in mind when they’re cleaning and getting rid of gently used clothing, electronics and small household items.

When you donate with Clothesline, everyone wins.

One hundred per cent of net proceeds raised by Clothesline directly support the Canadian Diabetes Association and world-leading diabetes research, education and advocacy.

Donors feel good knowing their used items are going towards a worthwhile cause and that reusable items are recycled which has a positive effect on the environment.

How your donations helped the environment?

When you donate with Clothesline, you help the environment by responsibly processing your donations through the Think Recycle™ program.

Each year, the Clothesline program diverts more than 51 million kilograms of clothing from landfill sites across Canada. This translates into savings of 942 million kWh of energy – equivalent to driving a compact car more than 46,000 times around the globe – and reduces our carbon footprint by 130 million kilograms.

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